Last Day With Two of the Best

I’m going to Paris tomorrow and when I return, two of my closest friends in England will no longer be here. That’s absolute insanity. It’s so weird to fathom the absence of people that you’ve seen every single day for the past five months (give or take). Even stranger, is the fact that you don’t know when you’ll see them again.

Asha’s American, but she’s not from the Northeast like the cool people. Nor is she even from the East coast at all. A native of Califor-ni-yay, Asha Canady will be the same distance away from me as Norwich, England is. How weird is that? The U.S. is so big that New York City is the middle point between Los Angeles and London. I’ll tell Asha all of this tonight, but just so the world knows how much I love this person—she and I have had some of the best conversations about everything there is. She constantly has good things to say about me and she’s been there when I needed her. By the way, she’s the funniest person you’ll ever meet in your life. Asha’s many quotes:

"Vegemite’s the devil."
"Nutella is crack."
"Isle of Man is a country? I’m not convinced." —to Will, the token Manx.
"When your passport says the United States of America, all you need is a smile! They were like, WELCOME HOME!" —on entering England without the proper papers.

Asha, I adore you to pieces.

So I’ve blogged about Joanna a lot because Joanna is just like me in the sense that we both talk all the time. This can be both endearing and get us in trouble with some people who just long for us to shut up. Joanna’s Australian, though people forget she is because her accent rivals a British one more than an Australian. A story that she stands by, has people back home asking, “How long have you been in the country for?” She replied, “Um, nineteen years. I was kind of born here.”

Anyway, Joanna is often holding a teacup in her hand. She wears a Michigan hoodie even though she’s never been to the U.S. and doesn’t even want to go.
: ( “It’s big,” she says.

Joanna has been my buddy on the balcony at late hours of the evening. She’s the kind of person you can always rely on. She’s always knocking on everyone’s doors making sure they’re all right and that they’ve eaten enough.

You both have been such good friends to me and I’m still so thankful that we were so lucky to live with each other. You never know if there’s going to be a psycho in the block when you get placed in communal living spaces but I think we’re all pretty sane.

Love you both,