Times a Changing.

Going to Paris on June 2nd. Did I say that already? Well, if not, I’m going to Paris on June 2nd. Staying there till the 6th, coming back to England one last time and then spending the last twelve days packing, relaxing, and getting ready to return to the Yankee states.

I’m starting to feel that homesickness thing again. It’s funny how it works. If you told me to go home one month ago, I would have cried and said abso-freaking-lutely not. Now that it’s winding down, I’m dreaming of a soft bed and a room that doesn’t have cinderblocks for walls. I’m thinking of decent sized portions of food and automatic cars that I can drive, where the traffic runs on the right side of the road. Good coffee beckons me. Hot weather and a beach to lie on sounds so lovely and I can’t wait to start school again at Rutgers. I’m excited to go back to my routine—wake up, drive to school, tutor for a couple hours, go to class, drive home, study, relax, and enjoy the weekends.

I’ve had such an amazing time here—I’d start listing and discussing it all but I think I should save that for my very last day in Norwich. It’s hard to imagine me leaving so soon when this place has done so much for me, but it’s got to happen.