Back to Norwich!

I departed Helsinki at 6:05 yesterday. My grandparents gave me a traveling angel that’s meant to protect you on journeys. It worked because I came home safe. I don’t have many stories to tell except that three people found it appropriate to have a very loud conversation for an hour on the coach ride at 11 PM. I was ready to cry from happiness when they got off at Stansted Airport. YES.

So I came back to the flat in Mary Chap at about 3 AM to Victor and Joanna, sitting around the kitchen table. There’s nothing better than coming home to lovely companions and flatmates. Brief catchup was in order. I showed off my very boring photos (they will be on facebook). They’re boring because the majority of them consist of me, swinging on a swing and climbing a net thing in the playground in Hyvinka. My mom and I decided to take a walk to the park and get nostalgic about the times when I was a little kid and liked the swings. She and I even went on the seesaw. Good times, Mom.

I booked a ticket to Paris for June 2nd. Wheee!! Off to France! That will be my last trip in Europe, making my list of visited cities Dublin, London, Helsinki and Paris. Not as grand as others’ and I would have loved to see Amsterdam, but I’m sooooo happy and soooo content and I will totally be back to see the rest one day. Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam—I’m coming. One day. I’ll be back.

I’m going to head to the movies tonight with my fave Aussie Jo and my French tour guide in Paris, Sophie. Life’s good during lazy days in Norfolk.



P.S. I believe a countdown is in order for my return home, because it is now, under a month! How many days till I land in Newark Airport? 27. Faithful readers and self-proclaimed stalkers of this blog, Tobi Sigona and Amanda Matteo, be excited. Love you both.