New Ideas.

So I recently wrote that I want to be a nomad and just pick up and leave whenever I want. I want to travel place to place and never stay put and keep meeting people and keep learning and experiencing. This all sounded so idealistic and so exciting. Along comes my flatmate, Victor. Have I introduced you all to Victor? Victor is a no-nonsense German who has become my ‘guru’ of some sorts here in Norwich. He has advices, stories and opinions about everything you can imagine—politics, religion, ethics, personal relationships, the list goes on. I’ve spent the past two nights sitting in my kitchen having conversations with my German guru until 3, 4 o’clock in the morning.

We started talking about how I’m leaving soon and what that’s going to mean for me and how it’s going to affect me, etc, being that it’s the first time I’ve spent a significant amount of time away from home. By the way, Victor speaks German, English, Mandarin and French fluently. (He doesn’t think he speaks fluent French, but Sophie—who’s French—insists that he does. I don’t know, but if a French person is telling you that you speak French, I think you speak French.) Anyway, I told Victor I want to keep traveilng and I think I’m going to feel limited back home and frustrated and all these other things I’ve already discussed.

He said to me, “I felt the same way after I spent a year in China. I practically hated everything that had to do with Germany and wanted to keep going places because I didn’t think people understood or realized what I’d learned when I was abroad. But then I realized, I’m German. That’s who I am and it’s who I’m always going to be. You’re American; that’s who you are and it’s who you’re always going to be. Don’t focus your energy on continuing to get this experience and to continue moving all the time because that only benefits you. Take what you’ve learned, bring that back to your country and try to teach others.”

Now I’m rethinking my nomadic lifestyle. Rah. Why so wise, Victor?

Anyway, I watched The Simpsons episode “Bart vs. Australia” yesterday. That is easily one of the funniest episodes of TV I’ve ever watched. I remember seeing it when I was younger but it’s a million times more hilarious when you know Australians.

Boarding a coach to Gatwick airport tomorrow at 9:30! Off to Suomi! I’m coming Aiti kulta! Mina rakastan sinua!

Love to allll,