That’s a random sound in the title, inspired by the random sounds Tobi Lee Sigona makes. I do miss Au Bon Pain dates on College Ave where she and I make weird faces at each other, coupled with weird noises while we drink our French Vanilla/French Roast coffee blends. Miss you Tea Leaf. <3 Soooo much.

So the last thing I posted was a poem by Langston Hughes. I love Langston Hughes. I said earlier, I bought a three pound collection of his poetry from Oxfam the other day. It was one of my best purchases in a long time. I loveeeeee simplistic poetry about the toughest of subjects. Simplicity alligned with a strong theme highlights how ‘trivial’ the things are that actually separate us. Where’s the justice in a black kid having to sit in the backseat of a bus or train? There is none—as shown by the fact that the question can’t even be answered when it comes to something like a merry-go-round. It makes no difference.

So not much is happening. I’m reading, writing, and forcefeeding myself. I go through weird stages where I completely lose my appetite. This is accounted for by shoving food down my throat including a huge hunk of lemon cake from Costa. Delish. Yum. I WILL eat.

So it comes down to discussing my excitement for Suomi again. I’m just very happy to be able to have the ‘home’ feeling without exactly being ‘home.’ Can’t wait. My mom leaves New York on Sunday and will be arriving in Helsinki Monday morning. I’ll be leaving Norwich in the morning on Monday, flying out of Gatwick in the afternoon and getting to Helsinki in the evening. Can’t wait. This will also be my third London airport experience after Heathrow and Stansted. Both were hell. Here’s hoping Gatwick is mildly better? Maybe?




Colored child at carnival:

Where is the Jim Crow section
On this merry-go-round
Mister, cause I want a ride?
Down South where I come from
White and colored
can’t sit side by side.
Down South on the train
There’s a Jim Crow car.
On the bus we’re put in the back—
But there ain’t no back
To a merry-go-round!
Where’s the horse
For a kid that’s black?


— Langston Hughes “Merry Go Round”



I think I’m going to be a nomad. I’m going to make my way from place to place, year to year. No certainties or plans. Just going to live and exist and give a little while taking a little back from everywhere I visit.

Sound good? I think so.



…with drugs and alcohol. DAH DAH DAHHHHHN. (Arya, remember how you joked that I’d return home with a bottle of Jack in my hand, looking like Ke$ha?) No. Nadia’s still Nadia, even abroad.

Anyway. I’m going to not wear any make-up besides foundation for a while. Doesn’t seem like so big a deal but when you’ve been wearing it every single day since you were about fifteen…

I want to see if I can feel confident with my natural face and not my enhanced face. Day 1 was today. I survived and didn’t feel as naked as I thought I would without it all.

I keep repeating it but I’m off to the land “where the reindeer roam and Santa calls home, and where there are lots of trees because it’s SUOMI” exactly one week from tomorrow. So looking forward to it.

Loveee from a recovering makeup addict,



Reasons to Be Happy

1. I’m going to Finland in one week.
2. I’m going to be an aunt to a baby boy come September.
3. I’m an American living in England.
4. …and Starbucks in England finally introduced the However-You-Want-It Frap.

Remind me why I shouldn’t be happy.


My tagged photos are hidden on FB for privacy reasons so I’ll post selected ones here. First picture, B for Barack. Second: O for Obama. Third: Asha and me. Asha covers her face in all photos though Asha is beautiful.

Taken at my favorite pub in Norwich in midst of Obama kickass-ness celebrations.


Updating Updating

I just felt like doing some more writing.

Last night, I celebrated the awesomeness of Obama with two Brits, two fellow Americans and an Australian. That’s how badass the president of the United States is. He has celebrators from all over the world! Granted, it was sparked by myself and my fellow American Asha who have been in awe at how kick-ass Barack Obama is. No, we did not celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Don’t take joy in any human being’s death. But seriously, Obama’s the first black president of the U.S. He transferred from Asha’s alma mater, Occidental, to Columbia and then went to Harvard Law despite having not a single rich person in his family or any kind of legacy. Then he runs for president, wins, passes universal healthcare, roasts Donald Trump, and finds Osama Bin Laden. YES.

This was my facebook status but the doorman at the pub asked me if I got my ID from the Internet. I think he was joking—but he might have casually been suggesting it’s fake. I’ve gotten that reaction from other people around because the New Jersey driver’s license is so colorful.

Anyway, a great night was spent shooting pool, singing Obama praises and loving the company of wonderful people.

I also bought a copy of Langston Hughes’ selected poetry for THREE POUNDS. I LOVE all the secondhand bookstores in this fantastic medieval city. Here’s to hoping I fit them in my bag and get them back home to the country that’s led by the kick-ass Barack Obama.

With love, and 13 days till Finland and my reunion with my Aiti kulta (MAMA)—



Let’s Get Some Closure.


Who remembers being eleven years old and hearing the Twin Towers came down? Osama Bin Laden flashes across the news. He’s labeled the enemy and all thoughts go to capturing him. Nearly ten years, two wars, thousands dead, the nation’s most unpopular president, followed by the nation’s most exciting election and—Osama’s dead.

I woke up around 9 AM, turned on my computer and saw it under ‘Breaking News’ on my homepage. I think my reaction involved gaping eyes and a dropped jaw because I almost forgot that Bin Laden was still at large. Of course I knew, but he seemed so far removed from everything in the midst of ten years of post-9/11 and the utter frustration over the unjustified wars of this decade. I’m not sure if happy is the right word for my feeling in reaction to seeing the headline. I think it’s more of a—Damn. They finally got him. I think satisfaction and contentment is what I feel. Good. This is what everyone wanted—Osama Bin Laden to be captured or killed. We got what we wanted. Can this all end now?

I applaud President Obama for getting it done, for providing that sense of closure that I think is what I felt when I discovered the news. I applaud him for working with Pakistan diplomatically to achieve the end result.

Thank you Mr. President, thank you everyone. Maybe now we can all move on. 9/11 is in our past and no one will ever forget it. I think this is the final bandage for all the wounds 9/11 inflicted on Americans, so let’s we, as a people, pick our heads up, look forward to a new day and promulgate the idea of peace and diplomacy.



I’m going to stop worrying. I’m going to take life one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Where am I going to be in ten years? Damned if I knew. Five? No clue. That’s okay. Five years ago I was a sophomore in high-school. Today, I’m in Norwich. That’s pretty cool.

Enjoy life.



Entry title indicates my relaxation and happiness level. Lalalala.

So a bunch of my neighbors have begun to come back after the Easter holiday and we’re all so happy to see each other. The common remark is, “I really loved home but it’s so good to be back here.”

I go home in about a month and a half. I’m not going home to Surrey. I’m going home to the United States of America. I have to face the reality that I’m going to be surrounded by people who all sound like me and people who don’t eat weird food like Vegemite. I wonder if I’ll get bored very quickly.

Well, Ally’s back home and she said she’s quite lost. I may be too. I need to start gradually preparing myself for the inevitable return to the grand ole United States.

That’s about it. I wish I had more interesting things to report. Things seemed more interesting to me when I first got here but now I’m just very comfortable and everything that others might find interesting are just everyday casual to me, so I no longer pick up on these things.

Well. With love, (AND FINLAND IN 2 WEEKS!)